Work Permit Canada

How to get Work Permit Canada? Complete Guide

Canada is one of the most reputed country in the world which offers you the best services and opportunities to boost your career and lifestyle. Canada is one of the most popular terminus for all those people who are looking to make their career in overseas countries.

Canada welcomes all foreign workers who are willing to build their career, it provides you the opportunity to make yourself financially independent. As an employee in Canada, you will get healthcare services, your work hour will be less in comparison to other countries and not only this you will get proper paid holidays.

Apply for work permit Canada

People who are willing to apply for a work permit Canada need to be qualified or eligible to apply for any job post. If you are an Indian and want to apply for work permit in Canada then it’s very important for you to meet some essential conditions.

Eligibility for work permit Canada

  • First thing is you have to prove the officer that when your work permit will expire or end you will immediately leave Canada
  • The second thing is you have to prove that you are financially stable right now and can take care of yourself and your family while you are in Canada and return to your home.
  • You have to obey the law and should not get indulge in any criminal activity
  • Not be a danger to Canada’s security;
  • While you are in Canada try to be in good health and by chance if you have issues go for medical exam.
  • You have to be away from an employer who, on a daily basis, offers striptease, any type of escort services or erotic massages.
  • If Officer asks you for any other documents to prove you can enter the country provide them.

Canada work permit processing time

If you are applying for canada work permit it may take nearly 1-9 months. Work permit processing on your application starts that day when IRCC actually receives your complete documents and application, after receiving your application they process the documents which you provided them, and after reviewing your application they make a decision.

Canada work permit processing time is based on

Processing time of Canada work permit depends on:

Comprehensiveness of your application

Canada work permit processing time is based on your application, if your application is complete it may not take so long to process your work permit. Always remember if your application includes every single document which IRCC is asked, it will surely reduce your processing time for work visa.

Number of application IRCC received

This is the main factor which affects your application process, when IRCC receives a large number of application it takes a while till they process those applications. Suppose if they received less or fewer application in that situation your application will surely get processed faster than average period of 1-9 months.

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