Jobs in Hong Kong

How to get Jobs in Hong Kong for an Indian?

Being an international, dynamic metropolitan area, Hong Kong is undoubtedly a desirable location to begin further your career. The low tax rate and large salary are the perfect top of the list for many expats who are considering getting a job in Hong Kong.

But, identifying the job opportunities available for work in Hong Kong requires some time, expertise and effort. Here are some tips for individuals who are looking to get jobs in Hong Kong for themselves.

Tip No.1- Search for Employment

This typically works particularly well in the higher levels of finance and in general for education fields. Find job websites, like LinkedIn and Jobs DB and banks and schools’ websites, and then apply. If you get a job following an interview, the company will help you through the application procedure.

Tip No.2- Ask Employer for Relocation

Request your employer to move you into their office branch in Hong Kong. This is the most convenient way to start working with your current employer in Hong Kong, and many expats prefer this method to work in Hong Kong. Request a transfer and let your company assist you in applying for the work visa.

Tip No.3- Find Job Opportunities

Visit Hong Kong on a visitor visa and discover job possibilities for work in Hong Kong: This isn’t the best choice. However, a few brave expats have managed to find ways to do this. With the visitor visa is a right to remain for a period of time in Hong Kong for 90 days (or 6 months for UK citizens) and are able to find jobs.

Tip No.4- Make Contact with Staffing Agencies

Many household recruitment organizations and specialized and smaller firms have established their connections in Hong Kong which will help you in landing the right employer at the right time to grab the desired job opportunity. They prepare your portfolio, resume as per the Hong Kong standards, assist you in locating jobs in Hong Kong across various industries & prepare you for your big day “THE INTERVIEW”. They guide you for the further application, this will ease your application process & this will introduce you to the Hong Kong job market.

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