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How to Get Job in Hong Kong from India?

Jobs are among the most attractive point of Hong Kong. Particularly in the case of Indians, Hong Kong has been an essential source of employment for a long time.

Every year, thousands of Indians move to Hong Kong, mainly because Hong Kong is the most lucrative for jobs around the globe.

Documents Required to Apply for Hong Kong Jobs?

Below are the major requirements you need to fill up if you want to get Job in Hong Kong from India:-

  1. Professional Resume
  2. Passport
  3. Identity proof
  4. Cover Letter supporting your job application
  5. Payslips for salary evidence
  6. A duplicate of your Hong Kong identity card (if there is one)
  7. A copy of evidence of academic qualifications as well as relevant work experience

How to Get Job in Hong Kong from India?

Get the expert advice to prepare your resume as per Hong Kong CV format. Just contact at +91 7827600972 & Send your Resume. Here experts will guide you for preparing your resume.

1. Create a CV that Passes Automated Screening

The writing of a resume may seem like an easy job for many of us. However, writing the perfect CV requires an amount of knowledge and experience.

A firm located in Hong Kong receives hundreds of applications for jobs every month, and it’s a hard task to sort through all of them by a human. Therefore, most firms assign filtering CVs to software known as ” Application Tracking System”.

The system scans all CVs and eliminates applications by keywords such as resumes and alignment format, profiles including photos, etc.

The first step to find employment in Hong Kong is to Make your resume outstanding to generate the most responses.

2. Select Right Source while Applying Jobs

In 2022 the process to apply for jobs completely changed. You must have a multi-channel strategy to be noticeable by potential employers. With the rise of LinkedIn and other sites connecting to the an employer of your choice is now simpler than it was in the past.

Posting your job on various Hong Kong job sites, using social media, communicating with HR consultants in Hong Kong and applying for recent positions directly through the company’s site will allow you to get rapid responses.

3. Apply for a Hong Kong Permanent Residency

A Hong Kong PR can boost your chances of being hired by 3X. Employers are looking for applicants who can work in Hong Kong.

If you have a good educational background and work experience, It is advisable to apply for Hong Kong permanent residency.

Our team will assist you in getting an immigration visa to Hong Kong within the shortest period.

[Best Choice] BOI Services can help you to get Job in Hong Kong

Here at BOI Services, we offer solutions to every problem an Indian could face in applying for Hong Kong jobs.

Click-Bait Resumes: Create resumes that are attractive to Hong Kong employers.

Every country follows an organized pattern for resume creation. We will ensure that your resume meets the Hong Kong requirements and is not clickbait.

Intelligent Tracking: Most resumes have been rejected by employers and don’t make it to their inbox.

To counter this, We employ a sophisticated system to make sure that your resume gets to the recruiter’s inbox and is seen by the recruiter.

Continuous Efforts: We continue to work on your profile for months. In that time, all options are considered and then applied.

We promote your resume to companies looking for candidates with the same skills similar to yours.

Interview Preparation: The process of getting a no from a potential employer isn’t a difficult job. Our professionals will guide you on how to get the job you want by preparing for an interview with our preparation help.

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