How to get Job in Canada from India

How to get Job in Canada from India?

Employment opportunities are among the most appealing aspects of Canada. Particularly in the case of Indians, Canada has been an employment hub for a long time.

Every year, thousands of Indians relocate to Canada principally due to the reason that this country is the most lucrative for jobs around the globe.

What documents are necessary when applying for a Job in Canada?

To be eligible for an Canadian job in India You will require:

  • Professional Resume
  • Cover Letter that supports your application for employment
  • Documents of Previous Employment
  • Payslips to prove salary
  • Identity evidence
  • Passport
  • Visa/Work Permit.

Process for getting Job in Canada from India

Step-1 Create a CV that is free of Filters

Writing a resume sounds like an easy task for a lot of us. However, it requires a considerable amount of skill and experience to write an effective CV.

A firm located in Canada receives hundreds of applications for jobs each month. It’s not easy to sort through all of them by humans. This is why the majority of businesses assign the responsibility of filtering CVs to a tool known as ” Application Tracking System”.

The system scans every CV and eliminates applications by keywords and the format of your resume, profiles with photographs etc.

The first step is to find an interview in Canada to get through an HR department. Write your CV with expertise, our experts can help you and get the most responses.

Step-2 Choose the Best Sources for Job Applications

In 2021, the process to apply for jobs was completely transformed. You must have a multi-channel strategy to be recognized by prospective employers. With the advent of LinkedIn and other sites reaching out to the right employer is much easier than in the past.

Posting jobs on a variety of Canada’s job portals , making use of social media, contacting Canada’s HR consultants , and applying for recent positions directly on the company’s website can help you get rapid responses.

Step-3 Apply for a permanent residence visa in Canada

Possessing a Canada PR can boost your chances of being hired by 3x. Employers will search for applicants who have the ability to be employed in Canada but without the sponsoring company.

If you have a good educational background and have worked experience It is advisable to apply for Canadian permanent residency.

BOI Services experts can assist you in getting a Canadian immigration visa within the shortest period. Also, they will help you to get Job in Canada from India.

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