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How to get Hong Kong PR | Benefits of Living in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the booming economy in Asian continent. Every year HKSAR (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region) receives thousands of applications for Hong Kong immigration. The reason behind this is Hong Kong offers the best services and opportunities to boost career and way of living. Getting Hong Kong PR is way more simple if we compare it with UK, USA, France, and Germany. With every passing year, Hong Kong is increasing its yearly immigrant intake, so because of this, you can get Hong Kong PR with ease.

How to get Hong Kong PR?

When you are applying for your Hong Kong visa initially that time you can not apply or request for the Hong Kong PR. You should know that first time when you apply for a visa, most of the time it is only valid for one year. You can request the renewal of your visa, but you have to prove that you have successfully unified into Hong Kong.

Your request for Hong Kong PR will get observed or considered after you renewed your visa several times. If you want to get considered for Hong Kong PR then you have to be a resident in Hong Kong for at least 7 years. This simply means that you can visit your home country or state for a short period of time, only then your residence will be considered in Hong Kong.

Once you achieve the seven-year mark, then you can actually apply for the Hong Kong PR. After you get Hong Kong PR you will automatically get some rights as a Hong Kong-born national.

Benefits of living in Hong Kong

Living in Hong Kong is like living in your dreams because here you live the expat life with the comfort of home. Here are some benefits of living in Hong Kong.

Free Economy

The main benefit of living in Hong Kong is that country has very low tax rates as compared to other countries, the government does not impose any type of inheritance tax on its citizens. Hong Kong has a free economy, which makes it most desirable for people who want to migrate to overseas countries.

Opportunity for higher education

We all know that Southeast Asia is the most praised region in the world for its educational opportunity and Hong Kong is the main reason for that. In Hong Kong, you get the world’s best education within your budget.

Affordable living

Living in Hong Kong is quite cheaper because of that you can save some extra money. The government of Hong Kong offers you many facilities like medical services, telecommunication, and transport, that make all these things affordable. Other than this Hong Kong also has a higher per capita income so it becomes easy for residents to afford luxurious lifestyles within his/her budget.

Work Opportunities

Hong Kong is one of the leading economies in the Asian continent, it offers you diversity in career opportunities. Hong Kong promises you for better salary package and a stress-free work environment. If you have talent and looking for work in overseas countries then Hong Kong is the best choice, you will not have remorse after you start working in Canada.

Well connected public transport

People who have Hong Kong PR don’t need personnel vehicles to travel or go from one place to another because public transport in Hong Kong is outstanding, you can travel to any place in no time. you can travel to every specific part of the state with the help of public transport.

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