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How to get dependent visa for Canada

If you are a permanent resident or citizen or work permit holder in any province of Canada and you want to bring your dependents like spouse, children, parents, partners, and grandparents to Canada then dependent visa is best choice for you because the Canadian government provides permits to its eligible residents who are above the age of 18 and capable of sponsor dependent in Canada. In this blog, we will give you a detailed description of how to get dependent visa for Canada.

What is dependent visa Canada?

For understanding how to get dependent visa for Canada, you need to know what is dependent visa Canada only then you will be capable to understand the whole process of dependent visa. The Canadian government is always committed to keep families together, for that they started this program. The dependent visa through the Family class scheme which allows permanent residents or citizens or work permit holders who are 18+ to bring their dependents in Canada and also allows dependents to work, study full time once they get the relevant authorization.

Eligibility requirements to sponsor dependents

  • To sponsor someone through dependent visa for Canada, a sponsor needs to be above the age of 18, only then he/she will be eligible to bring dependent to Canada.
  • The sponsor needs to be a permanent resident or citizen or work permit holder in any province of Canada.
  • As a sponsor, you have to provide certain documents showing your finances from the past one year to immigration.
  • You need to have an actual and undisputed relationship with your dependents.
  • Must have a clean police record and he/she should not have been charged with any serious crime.
  • If you want to sponsor your child for Canadian dependent visa then he/she needs to meet certain eligibilities:
  1. He/She needs to be below 22 years of age.
  2. You have to show documents which prove that they are financially dependent on you.
  3. If your child is disabled or unable to earn money on his own then you can sponsor him after showing proof of this.
  4. The child you want to sponsor he/she needs to be your biological child or adopted child.
  5. You have to show birth certificate or adoption certificate as a proof of your relationship.
  6. The child you are sponsoring needs to undergo the criminal and medical test, he will get Canada’s permit or not this depends on his medical and criminal report. If they find that your child is likely to be contagious or cause an epidemic.

Documents required for Canada dependent visa

  • Passport details and travel history
  • Necessary documents which prove background
  • Documentation for a spouse, children, parents, partners, and grandparents such as marriage certificate.
  • Other important evidence of a relationship
  • The sponsor has to provide proof of stable income
  • Consulate fees and a complete application

What is the processing time for a Canada spouse Visa?

Once you submitted your application to the foreign visa office for approval, if everything goes well then the average processing time for your application will be nearly 8 to 10 months.

Can dependent PR work in Canada?

Yes, dependent can work in Canada, they just need to have an open work permit for this. If they have an open work permit then they can work full-time in any province of Canada without any curbs. You can get this open work permit once you arrive in Canada, if you are applying for an open work permit then you need to have a valid Canada visa.

Can I take my mom to Canada?

Yes, you can take your parents to Canada but you need to know that the wait times for parental sponsorships quite be a little tricky and lengthy as well. So most people bring their parents to Canada as visitors or they sponsor them for permanent residence.

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