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How to create a Profile for Canada Express Entry? – Brief Description

Express entry profile enables the government of Canada to easily assess whether a worker or immigrant applicant is actually eligible to immigrate to Canada. If you are planning to immigrate to Canada then you should know that Canada’s express entry is an online application management system, it offers a pathway to Canadian permanent residence for skilled workers living in Canada or overseas. If you want to create a Canada express entry profile, then you need to follow certain steps:

Language Test

Canada Express Entry Programs for skilled workers require candidates to prove that they have good command in at least one official language of Canada, it can be French or English. All skilled immigration applicants must complete a Canadian government-approved language test, if they qualify in the test only then they can further move with their application.

Get your foreign education credentials assessed (If mandatory)

All candidates who completed their education outside Canada, need to have their degrees, diplomas assessed in order to confirm that their educational qualification is equivalent to a level of Canadian education. Having a credential assessment is necessary for every single candidate who is immigrating to Canada under Federal Skilled Worker Program. Credential assessment is not mandatory if you are applying under Federal Skilled Trade Program or the Canadian Experience Class programs.

Determine your National Occupation Classification

If you want to immigrate to Canada under Express Entry System without arduous, then you need to be able to demonstrate that your work experience fulfills the definition of an occupation included in Canada’s National Occupation Classification Database.

Under the Express Entry System, only Candidates with the following types of work experience can apply for immigration.

  • Skill Type 0 (Management Jobs)
  • Skill Level A (Professional Jobs)
  • Skill Level B (Technical Jobs and Skilled Trades)

Determine your Eligibility

Before creating the Canada Express Entry profile you firstly need to know whether you are actually eligible for express entry immigration. The online website of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada have an online tool that can actually assist you to know whether you are eligible for express entry immigration or not. If you want to use this online tool then you must:

  • You should have taken a language test before checking your eligibility
  • Already identified the National Occupation Classification (NOC) skill level or type under which they are planning to apply.

Enhance your Express Entry Profile

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada website’s online tool shows that you are eligible to apply under express entry immigration, then you should start to enhance your express entry profile. In the Express Entry profiles applicants needs to provide the following information:

  • Language proficiency
  • Family composition
  • Information on their spouse or common-law partner
  • Identity and age
  • A detailed description of their educational history
  • Contact details
  • Factors that facilitate their adaptability to life in Canada
  • A detailed account of their work experience

Here are some documents that candidates need to have to complete their express entry profile:

  • Language test results
  • Foreign Educational Credential assessment result, (if it’s mandatory).
  • Passport or travel document
  • Proof of provincial nomination for PR (if the applicant has received a provincial nomination)
  • The title and code of the occupation that matches their work experience and it fulfills the definition of an occupation included in Canada’s National Occupation Classification Databases
  • Personal reference code from IRCC’s online eligibility verification tool. Every candidate will receive a reference code upon the successful use of the online tool
  • Written job offer from an employer (if the candidate has been offered a job)

Submit your profile

Once you completed your profile and all needed information has been provided then you can submit your profile. After submitting your profile you will receive an express entry profile number and a job seeker validation code. You will surely need these numbers if you want to register for the Job Bank or want to receive a nomination for permanent residence from the territorial or provincial government.

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