Canada Spouse Visa

How to Apply for Canada Spouse Visa?

Canada is an excellent country to raise a family while still enjoying high living standards and high quality of life.

Family-sponsored visas are a unique aspect of Canada’s immigration policy. It allows permanent residents and citizens to sponsor qualifying family members for permanent residency in Canada, such as spouses, parents and grandparents, dependant children, and so on.

The Spousal Sponsorship Program is the most prevalent immigration category in Canada. Thousands of people Apply for Canada Spouse Visa and acquire it each year.

What is Canada Spouse/Dependent Visa?

It allows Canadian permanent residents and citizens to sponsor their wives, common-law partners, or dependent children for permanent residency in the nation.

Canada’s supporters Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) must approve spouse visas (i.e. Canadian Permanent residents and citizens).

It ensures that the individuals who are being sponsored acquire visas as soon as possible.

Who is a dependent?

A dependent can be a permanent resident’s or major applicant’s spouse, common-law partner, or dependent child.

A dependent child is a youngster under the age of 18 who is not married or in a common-law relationship. To be considered dependents, children must normally meet specific standards.

  • Be under the age of 22
  • Not married or in a common-law relationship.

When the IRCC receives a complete application, the child’s age is normally “locked in.”

Who can be a sponsor?

To sponsor the Canadian Spouse visa, make sure you are related to the sponsored person as a,

  • Spouse
  • Common-law Partner
  • Conjugal Partner

Canada Spouse Visa Processing Time

The spousal visa is expected to take about a year to process.

The processing time for a dependent child sponsorship application is usually 9 months. The following items are included in this processing time:

  • the amount of time you’ll need to provide your biometrics
  • the sponsor’s evaluation: 25 days
  • In the previous 12 months, this processing time illustrates how long it took the Canadian immigration service to process the most complete applications. However, if the application is incomplete, the IRCC may delay or even reject it.

What are the Requirements for Spouse Visa in Canada?

Below we enlisted the requirements that need to be fulfilled by Spouse, Sponsor of Spouse and Dependent Child:-

Eligibility Criteria to be a Sponsor of Spouse/Dependent visa

You can sponsor a Spousal/Dependent category visa if you are:

  • 18 years old or older
  • They should be Canadian Permanent Resident or Citizen
  • Being a resident of Canada (You cannot sponsor someone if you are a permanent resident living outside of Canada). Confirm that you will live in Canada after sponsoring the spouse if you are outside of Canada.
  • You must be able to show that you are not receiving any type of social aid (apart from disability if any)
  • You must be able to show that you can provide the fundamental needs of the sponsored individual, such as your spouse or partner.
  • If you live in the province of Quebec in Canada, you must meet Quebec’s sponsorship requirements.

Eligibility of Spouse

  • Age should be at least 18 years old.
  • You must be lawfully married or in a common-law relationship to be eligible.
  • If the marriage takes place in a state, territory, or province, the couple should obtain a marriage certificate issued by the government of that state, territory, or province.
  • If the marriage took place outside of Canada, it should be recognised by the country’s laws as well as Canadian law.
  • On the other hand, the wedding ceremony occurred in the embassy or consulate, it should be legal under the laws of the country.
  • Instead of the country represented by the Embassy or Consulate, where the event was held.
  • You should not have any criminal convictions or offences on your record, nor should you be suffering from any serious health problems.

Eligibility of Dependent Child

  • Should be less than 22 years of age and do not have any spouse and common-law partner.
  • Over 22 years of Age but should satisfy either of two conditions Mention below:-
  1. An engaged full-time ongoing study
  2. Financially dependent on parents since before 22 yrs of Age.

How to Apply for Canada Spouse Visa?

The application process for sponsorship can be separated into two parts:

  • Spouse or common-law partner of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident seeks to be sponsored.
  • Permanent residence is sought by the spouse or common-law partner.

Documentation Required for Sponsoring a Dependent or Spouse

The documentation required for sponsoring a dependent under the Canada Dependent Visa includes:-

  • Passport information and travel history
  • Documentation from the past
  • Documentation for a spouse or partner, such as a marriage certificate
  • Other evidence of a connection
  • To demonstrate appropriate money, the sponsor must provide proof of income
  • Fees for the consulate and a completed application.

How many bands are required for Canada spouse visa?

There is no requirement of any specific bands for the Canada Spouse Visa. In other words, you do not need to take the IELTS Examination for the application.

How BOI Services can help you?

BOI Services has decades of experience in the Canadian immigration procedure and can assist you with your Canada Dependent Visa.

Relocating your family to Canada is a delicate process, and BOI Services has the experience to guide you through it. Our staff will assist you with the following:

  • Checking out the items on the visa paperwork checklist
  • Assist with the application procedure
  • Forms, paperwork, and application submission
  • Follow-up and updates
  • In Canada, relocation and post-landing assistance are available.

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