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Hong Kong’s Talent List Opens Doors to 51 More Professions!

As part of its strategic move to attract a greater pool of young and talented professionals to its financial hub, Hong Kong has opened its doors to a total of 35,000 foreign professionals by expanding its Talent List and including 51 more professions and adding 9 more sectors. These sectors include Business Support, Creative Industries, Development and Construction, Financial Services, Healthcare, Innovation and Technology, Legal and Dispute Services, and Maritime Services. This move has been seen as a smart solution to address the crisis of labor in the city.


Hong Kong is one of the fastest-growing nations in the Asian continent. With rapid development and industrialization, Hong Kong wants more skilled and talented individuals seeking Hong Kong PR and willing to work and settle in Hong Kong. As part of such an intent, the country introduced a Hong Kong Talent list to make immigration easier for those who meet their talent criteria.

Due to the labor shortage, countries like Hong Kong and Canada are developing new schemes to attract desired labor.


Hong Kong is a youthful nation but respects and values culture and tradition. It is an ideal place for individuals to immigrate as it has free trade, low taxation, and minimal government intervention over the market economy. World’s 8th largest economy, Hong Kong is a cheerful nation that offers great career prospects, financial flexibility, excellent lifestyle and health, and education benefits.

Hong Kong also offers paid maternity leave and even paid paternity leave!


Hong Kong talent list determines the professions or talent in demand in Hong kong. If you’re practicing an occupation or profession that falls under the Hong Kong talent list, we have good news: Hong Kong is looking for you!

The points are calculated through the Hong Kong QMAS point calculator system under the QMAS Visa, and if the individual qualifies, Hong Kong invites them.

The 13 professions of the Hong Kong Talent List scheme are mentioned below:

  1. Asset management professionals
  • Professional analysts and specialists who work in the investment field can recognize the most beneficial streams of investments. Thus, helping the government better the economy. 
  • Financial professionals who manage money or securities on behalf of a client and aim to maximize the valuation of the client’s assets.
  1.  Water treatment specialists 
  • Waste Treatment specialists’ primary goals are to 
  • Maximize the prospects for reuse, recycling, and waste prevention through planning, implementing, coordinating, and assessing a comprehensive waste management system.
  1. Actuaries
  • Actuaries are business professionals who analyze the financial costs of risk and uncertainty.
  • Statisticians who deal with the pricing of the products, risk management, inspecting the formation of the valuations, and managing assets and liabilities come under this. 
  • They help their clients to make policies that can reduce the cost of the risk.
  1. Marine insurance professionals 
  • Marine Insurance Professionals are trained in marine insurance. They are capable of handling the preparation of valuations and reports, managing the formulation of insurance policies, overseeing the day-to-day operations of the underwriting team, taking care of new business, monitoring daily progress, and affirming management.
  •  They also look for ways to expand the account through serious evaluation and excellent service.
  1. Data scientists and cyber security specialists 
  • High-skilled professionals with specializations in data science and cyber security with expertise in working with enormous datasets (big data), adopting machine learning & statistical methods to meet the needs of their client’s businesses.
  • Creating and implementing statistical tools to create anticipating models. 
  • Cybersecurity specialists are proficient in managing information security standards, policies, and technologies, boosting front-line defense, conducting evaluations, and auditing security implementation.
  1. Fintech professionals 
  • Fintech professionals are proficient in the direction of a wide range of tasks related to applying technology to financial services and consistent research and development, including cybersecurity, big data, distributed ledger technologies, and artificial intelligence.
  1. Marine engineers 
  • The field of marine engineering involves the construction and operation of mechanical equipment for seagoing craft, docks, and harbor installations. 
  • Marine engineers are responsible for designing, building, and maintaining vehicles and structures on or around water. It includes aircraft carriers, tankers, ships, submarines, sailboats, etc.
  1. Innovation and Technology experts
  • Innovation and Technology professionals handle a wide range of tasks related to research and development in pertinent innovation fields, including yet not limited to –
  • pharmaceutical and biotechnology/life 
  • science/medical and healthcare sciences
  • data engineering (e.g. data analytics/data mining)
  • robotics, artificial intelligence
  • biometric technologies
  •  distributed ledger technologies
  •  industrial/chemical engineering
  •  integrated circuit design
  •  materials science/nanotechnology 
  • Microelectronics.
  1. Dispute resolution professionals and transactional lawyers 
  • Dispute resolution specialists assist in resolving global monetary and financial specialist state disputes, recognizing authorities who can provide last. 
  • They are intermediaries skilled at assisting the parties to the debate to agree.
  • Transactional Lawyers from outside Hong Kong who specialize in and have experience with cross-border transactions from contributing or host states.
  1. Marine designers and administrators of ship
  • Marine designers and administrators of ships manage and operate fleets safely and profitably, conducting statutory certifications and surveys throughout a ship’s life at classification societies or as private surveyors.
  1. Creative industries experts 
  • The creative industries experts category includes several occupations; some of the most popular occupations are mentioned below: 
  • Recording engineers
  • Dominant designers]
  • Cutting/squeezing engineers 
  • Game designers
  • Experts in the entertainment industry who are proficient in various film pre-production, production, and post-creation tasks.
  1. Naval architects 
  • A naval architect has expertise in studying and obtaining determinations regarding the structure, change, or repair of boats or seaward structures; naval architects manage their general design, construction, maintenance, and repair and advise on vessel certification and enrollment.
  1. Financial professionals in environmental, social and governance (ESG)
  • ESG experts track, report, and analyze ESG data and help companies improve their ESG performance by defining the right policies and frameworks. 
  • Professionals in the investment world will look at ESG metrics and integrate them into the investment process.
  •  Every effort is aimed at assisting corporates, investors, and other stakeholders in making net-positive business decisions.


The average salary in hong kong is about 36,600 HKD/month

The lowest salary is about 9,260, and the highest is 163,000 HKD.

If you’re a skilled worker, you’ll be on the higher side of the pay scale.

Hong Kong’s visionary approach to introducing and expanding its talent admission schemes marks a pivotal moment in the city’s journey toward global excellence. This strategic move not only addresses the immediate need for skilled labor but also lays the foundation for a thriving financial sector and sustained economic growth. As the city expands its Talent List to include 51 more professions, it simultaneously aims to give a boost to its financial sector and help foster enhanced economic growth and social development. 

Hong Kong emerges not just as a bustling metropolis but as a beacon of collaboration, growth, and transformation. As the world watches, the city’s expansion of its Talent List becomes a symbol of its determination to shape a future that is not only economically vibrant but socially inclusive.

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