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QMAS visa points system and the dynamism of Hong Kong skilled immigration!

As a means of enhancing Hong Kong’s economic competitiveness, the QMAS Scheme aims to attract highly skilled or talented individuals to settle in Hong Kong. All applicants are required to fulfill a set of prerequisites before they can be awarded points under the General Points Test and Achievement-based Points Test, and successful applicants are not required to secure the local offer letter before settling in the country.

Applicants who are successful under the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS) may bring their spouses or the other party (common-law relative under Hong Kong local law, provided they can support and accommodate their dependents on their own financial resources without having to rely on public assistance.

Selection of the applicants

Requirements and eligibility

Hong Kong QMAS visa applicants need to fulfill all prerequisites in order to obtain the visa. Since Hong Kong is strict when it comes to skilled worker immigration. There are factors any QMAS visa candidates need to check before they can be awarded points under one of the two points-based tests.

  • Age: In order to submit an application under the Program, the applicant must be at least 18 years old. 
  • Financial requirement: During his or her stay in Hong Kong, the applicant must be able to show that he or she can sustain and accommodate himself or herself and any dependents, if any, on his or her own financial resources. 
  • Excellent character: The applicant should not be a felon or have a negative immigration history in Hong Kong or anywhere else.
  • Language proficiency: The applicant should be proficient in written and spoken Chinese (Putonghua or Cantonese) or English.

Basic educational qualification: The applicant must have a good education background, normally a first degree from a recognized university or a tertiary educational institution. In special circumstances, good technical qualifications, proven professional abilities and/or experience and achievements supported by documentary evidence may be considered.

QMAS Point based-test

Candidates who have satisfied all requirements can count to test their eligibility by using point test-system, basically a calculator that will tell whether you can really apply for a QMAS visa or not. There are types of point systems but in the case of QMAS, the applicant can either use the general Points Test or the Achievement-based Points Test. The Achievement-based Points Test has one point-scoring component while the General Points Test has six point-scoring criteria. 

The General Points Test has an established minimum passing score. When submitting an application, people who choose for the achievement-based points test are recommended to determine whether their qualifications are sufficient to fulfill the required minimum score.

Recently, there was a little change in the general point score table where government of hong kong add the 20 Additional points for not less than 3 years’ graduate or specialist level work experience in multinational companies (MNCs) or reputable enterprises, such as listed companies or companies on the lists of The Global 2000 by Forbes, the Fortune Global 500 and the Hurun China 500

Check out the eligibility table and calculate your score at QMAS Visa Point

Selections exercise

Regular selection processes will be carried out to assign applicants’ permits. During each selection process, candidates who meet the requirements and receive the minimal passing score will be ranked in accordance with their scores. Applications with high test scores will be shortlisted for additional evaluation. 

The Advisory Committee on Admission of Quality Migrants and Professionals (the Advisory Committee) may be consulted for advice by the Director of Immigration regarding the evaluation, point-scoring, and quota distribution under the Scheme. The HKSAR Chief Executive appoints both official and non-official members to the Advisory Committee. While the process can be tricky and confuse most applicants, it is necessary to let any professional lawyer or consultant handle the situation. The document submitting and cross checking them is an important part in the selection process since one wrong document and the application will go down in vain.

Issue of visa/entry permit

In accordance with the Scheme for staying in Hong Kong, successful applicants will receive an HK visa/entry permit (in the form of an “e-Visa”).

How can BOI Services help?

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