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Easiest way to immigrate to Canada – Detailed Description

There is no easiest way to immigrate to Canada. For immigration to Canada, every person has to take part in many processes to apply for a Canadian visa even then some time visa does not get approved. If visa rejected then you have to apply again for the visa, the visa process and documentation takes months to get processed sometimes it takes years to get processed.

Immigration to Canada can be easier only when you have knowledge and information about every option which are available for immigration, if you have proper knowledge then your chances to immigrate to Canada will surely increase. This blog will help you to know the easiest way to immigrate to Canada.

Options for migrating to Canada

Here are some easiest visa programs for immigrating to Canada, these programs are going to help in your immigration journey:

Express Entry program

Express Entry program is one of the most popular and promising immigration program in Canada, applicants who applies under this program they can get permanent residence status in Canada as soon as 6 months. Through the express entry program, every immigrant worker who has talent and skill gets the right to live and work in Canada. The express entry system allows CIC(citizenship and immigration Canada) to evaluate the immigration process, hire or recruit and choose those immigrants who possess certain talent or skill set with relevant qualifications.

If you are applying under the Express Entry program then you need to be eligible under one of Canada’s Federal Streams otherwise it will be impossible for you to migrate to Canada under the express entry program. When the Canadian government finds you eligible under one of the federal systems only then they will issue an invitation to apply for PR in their country.

Provincial Nominee Programs

Provincial Nominee Program is one of the easiest and uncomplicated program because of this it’s becoming one of the popular way to immigrate to Canada. Under this program, the Canadian government is planning to invite 83,500 immigrant skilled workers to Canada. If you are applying under Provincial Nominee Programs then you should meet some basic eligibility, you need to have work skills in any specific field, contains a certain year of work experience, you also need to be well educated and qualified.

Immigrating to Canada under Provincial Nominee Program is not so costly, it’s usually the same as the express entry program. When you apply under PNP you have to pay some additional fees which depend on the province. There are some provinces who did not charge any fee to process Provincial Nominee Program applications, while some provinces like Ontario charge a fee of $1500 CAD.

Business Immigration

If you have your own business in your native country and you want to expand it in Canada and for that, you want to migrate to Canada then the business immigration program is the easiest way for you to immigrate to Canada. You must apply under the provincial or federal business immigration program because this is the best way to immigrate to Canada. You should know that the Canadian government prefers those immigrants who are willing to be self-employed or start a business in Canada.

Family Class Sponsorship

Families who are living in Canada if they want they can sponsor their relatives to immigrate to Canada on a permanent basis. If you want to sponsor your relatives to Canada then you have to meet certain eligibility only then you can sponsor your relatives. You should be a citizen or a permanent resident of Canada. You should know that under this program you can only sponsor your spouse and children. Children need to be under the age of 22. The Canadian government made some changes in this program policy of Canada now you can not sponsor your parents or grandparents to Canada. Don’t feel bad because you can bring them to Canada under the Super Visa Category, the process can be a little bit tough but you can bring them to Canada.

LMIA Work Visa

Labour Market Impact Assessment is a necessary document for every employer in Canada who wants to hire a foreign worker, without getting LMIA any employer in Canada can not hire any overseas worker.

LMIA shows that an employer needs a foreign worker to fill the vacancy in his/her organization, this document also shows that no Canadian citizen or permanent resident is willing to do the job. A positive LMIA is a kind of confirmation letter, once an employer gets LMIA then foreign workers can apply for a work permit. When you apply for a work permit under LMIA remember that you need a job offer letter, a contract, a copy of the LMIA, and at last LMIA number. Without all these documents you can not apply for a work permit under LMIA.

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