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Complete Process for Hong Kong Immigration | Is IELTS Required?

Hong Kong is one of the best destinations for immigration because it is growing into an economic, social, cultural, and social centre for people in the Asia-Pacific region. The decision to move to Hong Kong will not improve your living standards; however, it can enhance your resume and improve your career opportunities.

Obtaining a visa into Hong Kong is not that difficult, as the Immigration Policy is designed in a unique manner that draws hundreds of Immigrants.

Hong Kong authorities have always given many opportunities to people who want to move to Hong Kong under business or student visas, family visas, and Hong Kong travel visa programs. It might be the right choice for you if you’re an undergraduate or want to start your own business or visit your family members in Hong Kong or need an escape and visit through the gorgeous area of the nation.

Reasons for Hong Kong Immigration

A well-known and established Asian nation is recognized for its diversity and multicultural community easily accessible to the transport system. One of the main reasons that contribute to making Hong Kong one of the top destinations around the globe are:

  • The human development index (HDI) for Hong Kong is very high, and it was ranked 7th in the world for long-term life expectations.
  • Hong Kong has the highest number of skyscrapers and is the third most tall building in the world.
  • The most important factors are the International Financial Market, the low taxes, and the least amount of Government interference are just a few of the advantages to Hong Kong’s economy.
  • Hong Kong offers financial flexibility and protection of political rights with a low percentage of unemployment.

Is IELTS required for Hong Kong Immigration?

In some cases Yes, for Hong Kong immigration IELTS is required. The minimum IELTS score needed to apply for work visas in Hong Kong is 6.0. In other cases a proficiency letter confirming your education in the English language confirms the same. Also, the candidate should have the ability to communicate effectively and be proficient in English.

Common Visa Categories Used to Immigrate Hong Kong

1. Quality Migrant Admission Scheme

The Quality Migrant Admission Scheme ( QMAS) is an immigration system based on quotas that allow entry into Hong Kong. It is designed for highly skilled individuals, entrepreneurs and skilled people looking for Hong Kong immigration to pursue professional careers or business start-ups.

To be eligible for admission to the port city as part of the QMAS application process, those applying for a Hong Kong work visa must meet a variety of requirements and pass the general test based on points, and then compete for the allocation of quotas.

Successful applicants receive a Hong Kong work visa for one year. They are also permitted to bring their family members if they can provide for them their earnings.

2. General Employment Policy

Candidates are looking to join and reside with those who want to live and work in Hong Kong to work as a professional. This policy does not apply to Chinese citizens of the Mainland of China and citizens of Afghanistan, Cuba, Laos, Korea, Nepal, and Vietnam. Candidates who have efficient capabilities and have previous work prior experience but are not currently available in HKSAR must apply for a visa under this category for work.

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