Canada vs New Zealand which country is best for immigration

You want to immigrate to overseas country for better opportunities to grow your career and to give a more satisfactory lifestyle to your family but you become perplexed to select which country will be more suitable for immigration. Most numbers of times people abruptly take a decision and after that, they have remorse for making that decision. People who want to immigrate to a developed nation get confused between Canada and New Zealand because both countries are the most preferred immigration destinations.

Canada and New Zealand both countries offer great opportunities to immigrants, so selecting any one of them can be a tough thing to do. If you are having difficulties in picking any one of them, don’t be worried we will help you to choose a country which will be more suitable for you. We will present to you some important differences between Canada and New Zealand, this blog will help you to know which country is better for immigration.

Here are some points which will help you to decide which country is more suitable for immigration:

Job Opportunities in New Zealand and Canada

When it comes to the job market, you will find that both countries provide better job opportunities to immigrants but the jobs in New Zealand are quite limited in comparison to Canada because New Zealand is a small country with a lower population, therefore, securing jobs in New Zealand is quite tough. In terms of job opportunities, Canada is ahead of New Zealand, you can find jobs in Canada with a better salary package.

Canada has quite flexible immigration policies, you can easily immigrate to Canada on a work permit. If you have a work permit you can easily secure jobs in Canada. On the other side immigration laws of New Zealand are not that flexible, so immigrating to New Zealand can be tough. Securing jobs in New Zealand can be an arduousful process.

Cost of living

The cost of living in New Zealand is higher than the cost of living in Canada. According to a report cost of living in New Zealand is nearly 7.7 percent more expensive than Canada. In Canada you can live a high standard of life without affecting your savings on the other side in New Zealand if you even try to follow a better lifestyle it will affect your budget and savings. Canadian government provides many services for free or on a basic fee which helps immigrants and citizens of Canada to save some extra money.

Healthcare System

Canada has a universal healthcare system, if you have Canada permanent residency then you are eligible for Medicare. Every single Canada PR and citizen gets basic free healthcare services through universal public health insurance. New Zealand has a socialized healthcare system which is quite similar to Canada’s healthcare system but in New Zealand, public healthcare services will be free or low-cost only if you have a New Zealand Citizenship or have a valid work visa of New Zealand. Other than this both countries have world-class healthcare services.

Education System

In New Zealand children who are between the ages of 5 to 19 will be eligible to get free education in schools owned or funded by the government if they are a PR or a citizen of New Zealand. In Canada also government provides free education to children who are under the age of 18, in both countries, there are so many government-owned or funded schools where children can have free education. In Canada and New Zealand, primary and secondary education is completely free but when it comes to higher education there are some fee criteria.

Canada has slightly lower tuition fees in comparison to New Zealand. The education system of Canada is top-notch which attracts students from all over the world, in the last few years New Zealand has also improved its education system but still lags behind Canada in student count. In Canada currently, more than 6.5 lakh international students have currently registered in degree programs on the other side in New Zealand currently only 1.2 lakh overseas students are enrolled, the reason behind this is getting a Canada study visa is quite easy in comparison to New Zealand study visa. Canada Study Visa process is very flexible any foreign student can easily apply for a study visa.

Scope of Getting Citizenship

If you want Canadian citizenship you have to live in Canada for at least three years out of the last five years as a permanent resident of the country, then you will get eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship. You will be excited to know that the Canada PR process is very flexible and uncomplicated, you just have to meet certain eligibility requirements and you will have Canada PR status. When you will apply for Canadian citizenship you have to go through a certain citizenship test and you will have to prove your language skills, other than this you have to fill out your taxes returns. Depending on your situation there can be some additional requirements.

To apply for New Zealand citizenship, you should have been a permanent resident of country for at least five years and only traveled outside New Zealand for a short period of time every year, only then you will be eligible to apply for New Zealand citizenship. Other than this you also have to meet certain other requirements like you have to prove that you understand and speak English language properly, you never had any criminal charges in New Zealand or outside New Zealand.

Is it better to live in New Zealand or Canada?

Canada is one of the most desired destination for immigration around the world, Canadian economy is one of the largest economy in the world. Canada has a huge job market because of that career or work opportunities for immigrants are quite high there, not only this Canada also offers you a high standard of living and a modern lifestyle. Canada has always been a very immigrant-friendly nation, every year thousands of immigrants are allotted Canada Permanent Residency. Canada PR process is also very flexible and arduous-free, that’s the reason why Canada is a favorite among migrants around the world. Per capita income is also high in comparison to other developed countries, these all things makes Canada a great place for immigrants who comes to Canada for a better future and life.

New Zealand is a peaceful and clean country, with a great climate in comparison to Canada. New Zealand also offers you better study, work, and business opportunities but at some point, it lags behind Canada. Getting New Zealand PR can be very tough because of fewer visa programs, and the cost of living in New Zealand is also quite high in comparison to other developed countries. Some New Zealand PR feels that they are isolated from the world when it comes to travel and connectivity.

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