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Canada Student Visa Rejection Reasons

If you are planning to visit Canada for your higher studies then you should have entry visa and study permit. According to IRCC currently more than 3.5 lakh students are having Canada’s student visa and on a continuous basis, this number is increasing rapidly.

Because of increasing applications for Canadian student visa IRCC is having an excess number of applications that’s why Canada student visa rejection cases are increasing. According to CIC, almost every year nearly 30% of applications for Canadian student visas get rejected by Canada.

What to do if Canada student visa is rejected ?

If your Canada student visa is rejected then firstly don’t lose hope because you can apply for the visa second time also, don’t be perplexed because there are only three easy steps involved and you can get Canadian student visa.

Recognize the reason why student visa was rejected

First thing you have to do is to understand why your application for Canada student visa got rejected, placidly go through your application you will find the reason why your application got rejected. Once you find the reason for rejection, work on that and rectify your mistake, and don’t repeat the same mistake in your next application.

Some ubiquitous Reasons for Visa Rejection

  1. It may be possible that your application includes any type of incorrect or fake document
  2. Insufficient communication skills can also be the reason for student visa rejection
  3. It may be possible that you were unable to convince the officer, why you want to pursue some specific course, country, and university

Work on the Canada Student Visa Rejection Reasons

After you find the reason for the rejection of your visa try to work on that and rectify your mistake. Find a solution for your problem and once you find it correct your mistakes and only then apply for a second time otherwise wait for the time when you rectify your mistake.

Re-apply for the Canada student visa

After modifying your application then re-apply for the student visa, other than this prepare yourself for every type of question. In past, if your applications were rejected more than once so you can also apply for student visa of any other country.

How to apply for Canada student visa after refusal?

Suppose you applied for Canada student visa and it gets rejected or refused in that situation you have two choices whether you appeal the decision why your application got rejected or the second choice will be applying for a student visa once again with new application.

After the refusal of your Canada student visa you just want to re-apply for visa, then you needed to get the proper information. Having the correct knowledge or information can ease your adversity. Rectify your documents mistake, review your application because you don’t want that your application gets rejected one more time. Try not to be stubborn with your application because a single mistake can give you the outcome that you don’t want.

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