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Can I Move to Canada from UK?

Are you interested in shifting to Canada from the UK? Canada is the most lucrative option for British people. You need to know everything about moving to Canada, and we will discuss it in this blog.

British nationals may move to Canada from UK through one of the international Experience programs. It is also noted that any citizen from the UK can visit Canada for six months without any visa. An agreement between Canada & some selected countries allows foreigners to work & live in Canada.

Moving to Canada has been more complicated due to the world pandemic. The Canadian Government has introduced some additional rules for immigration from other countries. You must know before migrating to Canada, and you can get the new directions for migrants on the official website of the Canadian Government.

Requirements for moving to Canada

If you are a British citizen & wants to immigrate to Canada, then many questions arise in your mind like what is required, what job is available & how much it costs to move to Canada. Here we discuss all the things needed.

  • You must be a British Citizen & your age should be between 18 to 30.
  • Valid British Passport Needed.
  • You must have a fund of $2500 (CAD) for expenses in Canada.
  • Health insurance is compulsory throughout the time in Canada.

Reasons to Move to Canada from UK

Canada is the second-largest country in the area & is full of job opportunities for foreign nationals.

  • Canada has a better living standard.
  • Amazing mountains & snowfields makes it more beautiful which attracts foreigners.
  • It is a bilingual country where French & English are both the official language.
  • The Government is rich in resources.
  • Many big corporates generate jobs for various professionals.
  • It has an advanced economy & a powerful currency that is easily traded with Britain.

Different Programs to migrate to Canada

Any person who meets all the criteria may get a work permit.

There are many different ways to fly to Canada. Canada Economic immigration & family reunification is the most common route to move to Canada.

1. Canada Economic Immigration: Skilled workers seeking job opportunities may enter through the Economic Immigration program.

2. Family reunification program: Family class is for the family reunification for individuals who already work in Canada.

If you are British & your age is above 30, you are ineligible for International Experience Class. No need to worry, and you can get PR by any other program.

There are several programs to get PR by Canadian Experience Class, Provincial Nominee Program, Federal skilled program, Federal skilled trade program, etc.

A British person wants to study in Canada & have a spouse. They are also eligible & may apply for a study permit or an open work permit.

The life of Canada is more favorable to people all around the world. Hence, there are a massive number of migrants’ shifts every year to Canada in search of a better lifestyle. Canada has the most flexible immigration policies.

The job opportunities in Canada are likely to increase in 2021-2022 for British people.

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