Benefits of working in Hong Kong

Benefits of working in Hong Kong: Healthcare programs

There are many benefits of working in Hong Kong. It is one of the most popular destinations for moving abroad when it comes to employment. Millions of immigrants have settled their careers in Hong Kong and they are living a great life, now also people are immigrating to Hong Kong for better career opportunities. Multinational companies and the city-state’s capitalist economy are providing great work opportunities to international workers who want to immigrate to Hong Kong for better career opportunities.

Hong Kong has an enriched history of welcoming foreign workers and providing them equal opportunities to grow, citizens of Hong Kong treat you equally no matter whether you are native or migrate. Hong Kong provides you with great career opportunities and lifestyle, in Hong Kong, you can make your career in major sectors such as IT OR Tech, Financial Sector, Human Resources, advertising, and so many other sectors too. Apart from better career opportunities, so many other reasons make Hong Kong the best destination for working opportunities. Here are some benefits of working in Hong Kong.

Healthcare programs in Hong Kong

If you are working in Hong Kong you don’t have to worry about health issues or problems because Hong Kong has a great healthcare system. If you have a valid visa and ID card then it does not matter whether you are a permanent resident or a non-permanent resident of Hong Kong, you will get a free public healthcare system in Hong Kong, and you will get lots of benefits of working in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong government provides completely free public healthcare services to immigrants who are working there, as an immigrant you will get high-quality treatment without paying any charge or sometimes a small fee.

Maternity/Parental leave Benefits in Hong Kong

Hong Kong offers parental leave benefits to new parents. Every employee working in Hong Kong is eligible to get parental leave if they are expecting a child. Under the policy, the female worker is entitled to ten weeks of maternity leave. If the delivery date comes after the expected delivery date in that situation the female worker can extend her parental leave. Male employees also get parental leave for at least three days in Hong Kong.

Legislated Employee Benefits

If you are working in Hong Kong and you are a full-time employee then you will get several legislated employee benefits. Compensation in Hong Kong is regulated by the Employment Ordinance, your compensation will depend on your contract category.

Here are some basic benefits which are guaranteed by Hong Kong legislation:

Social Insurance Contributions

Under social insurance, both employer and employee contribute a certain amount of money towards the pension that every employee is qualified to. A pension scheme is a mandatory and contributory savings plan for every single employee with a valid work visa in Hong Kong.

National Minimum Wage

According to the law, every employee working in Hong Kong should be paid at least the national minimum wage amount for their work which was decided by the government. The minimum wage currently stands at HK$37.50 an hour, every employee will get paid more than this. The wage amount will vary according to the employee’s working hours in Hong Kong, his qualifications, experience, and sector.

Law applicable to foreign nationals

The employment ordinance is the main legislated employment in Hong Kong. Under the employment ordinance, every employee gets some basic benefits. Here are some employee benefits examples:

  • Completely paid sick leave.
  • Paid maternity and paternity leave to employees.
  • Employees will get minimum notice of termination and they have the right to receive payment in lieu of notice.
  • Paid annual leave.
  • Working hours in Hong Kong will be limited

Affordable cost of living in Hong Kong

If we compare Hong Kong to other developed countries we will find that the cost of living in Hong Kong is quite affordable, so as a worker there you will be able to save some extra money. The Hong Kong government gives you many facilities like telecommunication, transport, and medical services at a very reasonable cost because of that living in Hong Kong becomes quite cheaper and more affordable. Per capita income in Hong Kong is also quite high so it becomes easy for employees to afford a luxurious lifestyle there within their budget.

Work culture in Hong Kong

The work culture of Hong Kong is great, you get proper work opportunities. When you will start working there, in starting maybe you will find Hong Kong’s workplace culture quite different from your native country. Politely communicating with co-workers and juniors is the best part of Hong Kong’s work culture. It does not matter if you are an immigrant, everyone will treat you equally they will welcome you with open hearts. There is no-one will harm or disturb your privacy, Hong Kong citizens value their personal space or privacy very much. Working hours in Hong Kong are also quite low in comparison to other countries, less working hours give you extra time with your family.

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