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5 Top Benefits of Canada PR

Canada which is one of the most popular country for people who are looking for overseas career opportunities. With every passing year, Canada is increasing its yearly immigrant intake. Canada permanent residency is issued to all those talented, young, and skilled workers who are capable of contributing to Canada’s economic growth.

There are so many benefits of Canada PR, we all know very well that Canada is one of the fasted growing economic, it have great healthcare services, per capita income is outstanding in comparison to any other country, and quality of life is fabulous. These are some basic benefits of being a PR of Canada.

Top benefits of Canada PR

Many Indians live, work, and settle in Canada by getting Canada permanent residency status, PR status in Canada opens the door for many opportunities and benefits.

Here are the top benefits of Canada PR:-

1. Booming economy with great jobs opportunities

We all know very well that at present time Canada’s economy is one of the largest economy in the world and it is booming and getting bigger with every passing year. Other than this job market of Canada is also grown in the last one or two decades. The unemployment level in Canada is too low, which shows that there is so much space for foreign workers. Process for Canada PR is also very simple and uncomplicated, so if you have talent and skill then you can get a job in Canada with ease.

2. Excellent medical and health care services

Medical and health care services is one of the main Canada permanent resident visa benefits, after getting Canada permanent residency you can get free access to all Canada’s medical and healthcare services. Canada have a world-class health care system, Canada PRs don’t have to spend a single penny on healthcare services.

3. High-quality education

High-quality education is one of the most important thing that you get as a Canada permanent resident visa benefits. With free healthcare services Canadian government also provides free education to every children who are under the age of 18. In Canada, there are three levels in the education system – primary, secondary, and higher education. Primary and Secondary education in Canada is totally free for permanent residents. Higher or university education in Canada is not completely free but tuition fees are quite low for permanent residents, which reduces the cost of higher education.

4. Social services and social security benefits

Citizens and permanent residents of Canada get so many social benefits schemes like subsidies, retirement payments, tax benefits for families, disability benefits, unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation, and more. Canadian government invests a great sum of money in all these social services and social security benefits.

5. Freedom to move

As a permanent resident of Canada, you get the freedom to move to any province and become a resident of that province. As a PR you get the right to switch between your jobs, you can take a new opportunity or you can also have different types of livelihood in different provinces of Canada. As a PR of Canada, you should know that mobility rights are explicitly consolidated in Section 6 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Frequently asked questions

Is Canadian PR for life?

Canadian permanent resident card are mostly valid for five years but sometimes permanent resident card is just valid for one year. People whose PR card expiration date is near they can renew their card within six months of the card expiring.

How do I keep my Canadian PR?

If you want to keep your PR status, then you need to be in Canada for minimum of 730 days during your last five years duration. You don’t have to stay in Canada for 730 days on a continuous.

Is it easy to get PR of Canada from India?

Getting PR of Canada from India is not so difficult but it can be time-consuming because the process for Canada PR takes nearly 6 months only if everything goes well otherwise it can take months to get processed. Once your application gets processed you will receive ITA (invitation to apply), it’s quite difficult to predict the exact time for receiving ITA. Some applicants receive ITA within six months and in some cases, it takes some extra months.

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