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4 Common Reasons for Canada Study Permit Rejection and How an Immigration Consultant Can Help

Canada is home to many top universities in the world, which makes it one of the most popular countries among international students who are looking for better study opportunities in overseas countries. Canada has very flexible immigration policies so any student who has a dream to study at top universities in Canada can apply for a Canada study visa. You should also know that every year thousands of students from all over the world apply for study visa for Canada but the popularity of Canadian universities makes it hard for students to get study permits.

If you have a dream to migrate to Canada for your higher studies, it can be a life-changing decision. However, studying in Canada entails more than just being admitted into Canadian universities or colleges. For immigrating to Canada you need study permit without this you will not be able to immigrate to Canada. If you don’t want that your Canada study visa gets rejected you have to make all decisions very carefully, you can take professional assistance just to make sure your study visa for Canada doesn’t get rejected.

Here are some of the reasons why your study permit application may get rejected by the immigration authority:

  • Lack of financial resources
  • Inadequate Documentation
  • Insufficient ties to home country
  • Poor job prospects in home country

Lack of financial resources

For Canada Student Visa applicants have to show their funds. Applicants can submit a bank certificate or bank statement to prove that they have sufficient funds to immigrate to Canada. These documents will establish that the applicant has enough funds to support or cover the study expenses, which include tuition fees, travel expenses, and living expenses in Canada. At any point, immigration officer feels that you don’t have enough funds to support yourself while studying abroad, then your Canada study permit may be rejected.

Inadequate Documentation

Incomplete transcripts, absence of mandatory documents, absence of certified translations, issues with the documents attached to study permit application, and ambiguous or vague submissions, can be a strong reason for immigration authorities to reject your Canada study visa.

Insufficient ties to Home Country

A study permit is basically a temporary resident permit for students who get admission to any university or college in Canada. Applicants have to convince immigration officer that they will leave Canada after finishing their studies. The immigration officer will surely check your family ties in Canada, your purpose of visit, and your native country, if the officer suspects that you may overstay in Canada then there is a possibility that your study visa for Canada may get rejected.

Poor job prospects in home country

The immigration officer will not consider your study permit if he thinks that in your home country there are no job prospects for your course or program. While writing a Statement of Purpose clearly explain how this course or program can help you to boost your career, and how it will provide better job opportunities in your home country. Otherwise, the immigration officer will think that you will not return to your home country and that the study permit is just a way to immigrate to Canada and settle there permanently.

How BOI Services can help you?

BOI Services is the best immigration consultants in Delhi, we can assist you to apply for Canada study visa. we are providing our services for last a decade. We have an experienced team of immigration experts who can guide you to identify potential issues in your visa application and suggest the solution of your issue, which will increase your possibility to secure a study visa for Canada.

BOI Services is the best immigration consultants in Delhi because we never compromised with our services and we give our best to provide quality services to our clients. We will make sure that your study permit application documentation includes every necessary document and it is in perfect order so there will be zero possibility of rejection because of incomplete or poor documentation.

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