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Anti Fraud Policy

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Payments to BOI Services:

When you make payments to BOI Services, you have the right to request a receipt. All payments made to BOI Services are accompanied by receipts. Our central software sends an acknowledgment of payments made to BOI Services. Please contact if you have any issues with payments to BOI Services.


Payments to BOI Services staff:

You are advised not to make any additional payments to any employee of BOI Services. If any BOI Services employees offer to create your profile or obtain any type of paperwork for a price, we highly suggest you notify management so that we can take appropriate action against the individual. Please note that if you engage in any verbal or written arrangement with a BOI Services employee or his/her reference, the firm is not liable. We are not liable for any additional services provided by any BOI Services employee if you have paid for them.


Vendors referred by BOI Services staff:

We highly advise you not to use any services recommended by any BOI Services employee because they are not sponsored or permitted by the firm, and you risk being a victim of fraud if you do so. We are not responsible for any suppliers referred by a BOI Services employee, nor are we liable for any charges you may have paid to them.


Fraudulent Documentation:

BOI Services does not engage with matters where documents or information have been supplied that are false. BOI Services will accept your case based on the information you've provided, which we assume is accurate. If you supply incorrect/misleading/fraudulent paperwork or information, BOI Services is not accountable.

BOI Services does not supply any documentation to clients on its own and only works with the documentation that you provide. We assume that everything you've given us is 100 percent factual and correct.


Employees of BOI Services are advised against illegal practices like these and are obliged to follow BOI Services' business policy. BOI Services is not accountable or liable if an employee violates business rules, as our policy is to accept situations when the information presented is 100 percent accurate.

To avoid being misled and being denied entrance into foreign countries, keep the following in mind:

  1. Do not be deceived by dishonest BOI Services employees into believing that submitting fake documents with your visa application is appropriate. The application will be denied, and you may be subjected to further scrutiny by Indian officials.

  2. Do not believe BOI Services employees who claim that they can influence the processing speed of applications or the final decision in exchange for money or other favors. They are unable to do so. Only visa officials authorized by the particular country make visa decisions.

  3. Imposters posing as visa officers from embassies should not be trusted. Legitimate visa officers do not meet with applicants outside of their official workplace, and they do not contact you to ask for money.

  4. Fake websites that appear to be official government or service delivery partner websites should not be trusted. Always check official government websites for visa information.

  5. Don't fall for a job or visa fraud. Many people are being duped into accepting job offers from other countries that do not exist. Please think about it before handing them your money, passport, or personal information. It's worth noting that if the job offers sound too good to be true, they can be a fraud.

Applicants are frequently advised by crooked personnel to present false papers or enter any convenient arrangements. Don't be deceived by this. Your money will be squandered. You will also be detected, and entrance to the nation to which you have applied may be denied.


Genuine visitors, students, and job immigrants are welcomed in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. These countries' immigration agencies have zero tolerance for fraud and will not allow any misuse of the immigration system. Anyone seeking a visa for these countries should be wary of employees who offer to sell falsified documents or claim to be able to guarantee a visa. Immigration authorities have highly strong fraud-detection systems and collaborate with international partners, and Indian authorities do the same. If they discover fraud, such as falsified education and language credentials, the visa will be denied, and the applicant may face a ten-year visa ban as well as Indian authorities' action.


Fraud is a criminal violation in the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom, and those who commit it face harsh penalties. However, the applicant bears ultimate responsibility for a visa application. False paperwork or false information can have serious consequences, not only for the employees but also for the applicant. Applicants should be aware of how individuals may try to take advantage of them and their situation to protect themselves from immigration fraud.

BOI Services Management strongly discourages you from engaging in any type of fraud or falsification of your profile.

Please be advised that submitting false papers to a visa issuing official will result in you being barred from entering the country for at least ten years.



BOI Services is an Indian certified recruiting firm that works with international businesses and placement agencies to find individuals for a fee. BOI Services does not provide employment guarantees or charge candidates for their services. If a BOI Services employee tries to do this, please let us know right away.



BOI Services does not guarantee a job or a visa to any candidate. No BOI Services employee is allowed to do so. Visas are granted at the visa officer's and immigration department's/embassy or consulate's discretion. Jobs are solely offered at the employer's discretion. No one can sway this decision, and if a BOI Services representative offers you the same, please call us right away.

Please contact our customer service department at if you have any issues or grievances.


*Under Job Search Service, we offer Resume Writing, LinkedIn Optimization, and Resume Marketing, multiple profile generations, and interview preparatory guidance. We do not advertise jobs on behalf of overseas employers or represent any overseas employer. This service is not a placement/recruitment service and does not guarantee jobs.

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